Data analyst tops the list of graduate careers with best prospects

The Independent recently published an article on the student graduates with the best career prospects in 2017. In the digital age, it’s no surprises that the top two careers are data analyst and technical architect. Technical positions such as these are only going to be more in demand in the coming years, as the advancement in technology means that more and more roles are filled by robots.

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However more traditional career paths are still in high demand, with plumbing being 3rd on the list. Plumbing has been viewed as a very lucrative career path for a good number of years now and that doesn’t look to set to change anytime soon. Plumbing can often be viewed as a fairly simple job, especially in comparison to the other careers mentioned above. However there is a lot more to it than meets the eye, with communication skills and the ability to understand technical drawings both paramount for pursuing a career in plumbing

Other careers on the list include senior account, HR manager, information security specialist and Java developer.

While recently graduated students might be looking forward to their future career with optimism and enthusiasm, there are plenty of people who have found themselves stuck in jobs that they no longer enjoy. The Guardian published a piece recently that covers the top five signs that you should quit your job. 

Unsurprisingly, one of the main tell-tale signs that your job is unfulfilling is constantly watching the clock. Other things on the list including Sunday night blues and not getting enough recognition for doing your job well.

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