Finding Employment When You Have a Conviction

If you have a conviction of any kind then it’s likely been a source of worry when it comes to finding employment opportunities.

There’s no double that a conviction can be off-putting to potential employers and without any good advice, getting regular work after a conviction can seem like a lost cause.

Below are some of the most common concerns that people who’ve had a conviction have when it comes to finding employment again.

Do I have to declare my conviction to employers?

One of the first questions that people with a conviction want to know the answer to is whether they need to declare it to employers, insurers etc. The answer to this question is dependent on whether your conviction is spent or unspent. ‘Spent’ and ‘unspent’ are simply terms that are used to determine how long it is until you’re no longer obligated to disclose your conviction. Less serious crimes that come with a fine or community service are spent in 5 years, whereas more serious crimes that come with a jail sentence of 2 and a half years or more are never spent. Click here for more information on spent and unspent convictions and employment law. 

It’s important to point out that even if you’re not obligated to tell an employer that you have a conviction because it’s spent, there’s still a good chance that they will find out about it due to their own background checks.

How do I make myself more employable?

There is no point in sugar-coating things and saying that your conviction will not count against you in the eyes of some employers because it will. However that is not to say that all hope is lost. There are plenty of employers who will be prepared to give you a chance, especially if your conviction wasn’t for anything too serious. Below are some ways you can make yourself more employable –

  • Dress well
  • Acquire useful skills
  • Work on your communication skills

I need to drive for work but can’t get cover


A major concern that many people with a conviction have is being able to find car insurance at an affordable price. It’s definitely true that a lot of insurance providers will either not insure convicted drivers at all; or if they do the price of policy will not be affordable. The good news is that there are specialist providers of insurance for convicted drivers who look at every individual’s case in order to offer a fair price for cover.

Conviction Insure is a site where you can get quotes from convicted drivers insurance specialists in order to save money.